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Celee's Two Newest DVDs - July 2010!

Each DVD is over an hour long and includes five color photos. The two titles are "Marbling that Mingles" and "All that glitters...is Agate-Etched Gold". Simplification of the step-by-step processes for both Agate Etched Gold & Marbling is unsurpassable! The mechanics are explained logically and clearly. Celee's creative options for both of these techniques are endless and are covered very thoroughly for over an hour, preparing you to pick up any piece of porcelain and design confidently with either "Marbling that Mingles" or "All that Glitters.....Agate Etched Gold."

NOTE: The DVD’s were not filmed in HD so quality is highest when shown on smaller screens.

Marbling That Mingles DVD

Marbling That Mingles

The technique of marbling with china paints can be a very simple technique or a very advanced, complex technique; this DVD covers them both and everything in between! From scenes in Rich Browns/Violet of Iron to delicate flowers in Spearmint/Auburn, Celee will show you how to mix the paints, where and why to apply the marbled paint, and most importantly when, where and why to remove some in anticipation of painting the subjects that mingle with the marbling! You'll also see how pen oil, gold, and washes are used to best enhance the composition. Learn how factors like thickness, temperature, speed, and brushes can affect the delicate or heavier patterning in the marbling, even though much of it is serendipitous. Whether it looks like snowflakes or heavy stone, this marbling technique is very appealing to men.....try "Marbling that Mingles" and incorporate it into your own style!

Piece from Marbling That Mingles
Piece from "Marbling That Mingles"

All That Glitters...Is Agate-Etched Gold DVD

All That Glitters...Is Agate-Etched Gold

You may have used Roman Gold for trimming plates for years. But if you've ever wanted to venture into more intriguing uses of your gold....if you've ever wanted to combine your naturalistic painting more closely with Roman Gold for one of a kind designs, this is your ticket! Beyond the basics of gold itself, brush and solvent use, the emphasis is on designing with both painting and gold gilding. Whether the gold covers your whole pendant or is an oval in the middle of a painted piece, Celee shows you how to use "Drop a Detail" pen oil to create dynamic, intricate scrolls and beautiful lines on the gold as the next step. The crowning touch is watching Celee follow her intricate penwork with the masterful touch of her agate etching tool, polishing selective shapes within the penwork for "sparkle." This DVD is your key to creating beautiful gold pieces "designed by you" without any of the fear! It is a wonderful companion to any of Celee's Agate-Etched Gold studies.

Piece from All That Glitters
Piece from "All That Glitters...Is Agate-Etched Gold "
Got Instant Background? DVD

FREE DVD! FREE DVD! "Got Instant Background?" FREE DVD! FREE DVD!

This 30 minute DVD is FREE with your purchase of any 2 of Celee's "Instant Carving" sheets.

Now that you've discovered Celee's "Instant Carving" Sheets, here's a dvd showing you anything and everything you need to know about how to use them to their max! Watch as Celee "over-paints" using the sheets in order to "copy" the best shapes, as she cuts them up (after making numerous color copies) to try different placement ideas on a particular painted piece, and as she even uses the sheets to cut up and put directly onto your porcelain to fire as a true decal! There are so many design tips in this DVD that before long you may not even need Celee's sheets....you can come up with your own!! This is a wonderful companion piece to the "Unforgettable Carving" DVD as well as numerous studies she has on carving.

*If you do not wish to purchase the two sheets, the DVD "Got Instant Background?" may be purchased for $18.

Now offered in DVD!
(VHS & PAL always available)


Each video is 2 hours long and includes 10 color photos as well as  B/W text and diagrams.  Celee’s relaxed  teaching style comes through in each subject, guiding the beginner or the accomplished artist through challenging designs, down to the last beautiful detail! For recommended companion studies, refer to the Studies section of this site.

Celee Evans Porcelain Videos: Unforgettable Carving

Unforgettable Carving

At last a step-by-step approach to one of the most beautiful and personal techniques in porcelain painting. Learn a system for combining colors which look translucent and elegant next to your fired subjects, enhancing them. Learn how to use your silk and wipeout tool on that paint, creating shadow leaves, stems, and other shapes from the very small and detailed to larger, more subtle shapes. Celee takes the mystery out of this challenging technique and shows you how to transform your work forever. You will see carving added to an otherwise “finished” piece, giving you great new ideas for pieces you have wanted to improve but never knew how. Celee's favorite color combinations are shown. They are appropriate for any fruit or floral subjects. All of the washes and background carving in the video are done on a plate with pre-existing wild roses and snowballs (this color photo is the cover, showing the detail achieved when carving). Best of all, you can change Celee’s signature carving style into one of your own! This is a must for every serious china painter!

Suggested companion study: "Wild Roses & Snowballs."

Celee Evans Porcelain Videos: Designing with Multi-Colored Snowballs

Designing with Multi-Colored Snowballs

Whether you create a design with green and blue snowballs or use the faded dusty pink snowballs with other flowers on a piece, you’ll love discovering how to paint snowballs with Celee’s easy method. You’ll learn how to paint uniquely-shaped snowballs in five different, old-fashioned color schemes. This technique can also be easily adapted to painting all other cluster flowers too, such as lilac, hydrangea, geranium, etc. See your snowballs receive their finishing touches with silk work for shadow snowballs and foliage. With their beautiful, broad leaves and elegant colors, your snowballs will look complicated and highly-detailed while still ethereal. You’ll know the easy, step-by-step formula for creating snowballs which are never repeated shapes and, therefore, endlessly unique. Use your detail brush for the tiny centers and turnbacks, which make your snowballs look tissuey and crisp at the same time! Your only difficulty will be deciding whether you want to paint that umbrella stand exclusively with multi-colored snowballs or combine them with some of your other favorite florals. This video addresses not only painting the flowers but how and where to place them to enhance the particular piece of porcelain you’ve chosen. Wonderful photos help in this area.

Suggested companion studies: "Multicolored Snowballs," "Plums & Snowballs," and "Wild Roses & Snowballs."

Celee Evans Porcelain Videos: Smokey Roses Dresser Set

Smokey Roses Dresser Set

This is Celee’s very first video, covering her delicate, still popular pink roses with a luscious greyed background. If you’ve ever seen her collectibles with small pink/ruby roses and wondered what colors were used in the even prettier background, this is your answer! The first hour covers the step-by-step painting of baby roses using Ruby Rose’ and Violet of Iron. The six colors combined for the “smokey” background makes the roses look rich and transparent. See an inspiring carving section focusing on these background colors using your silk and wipeout tool. You’ll see an easy technique for creating tissuey petal edges on small roses. The second hour covers the quick second painting on the roses and foliage, then focuses on using penwork for scrolling on different shaped pieces, tying together different clusters of the smokey roses. You’ll get ideas for designing on over ten pieces in the collection of dresser pieces. This may be the rose breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

Suggested companion studies: "Smokey Roses & Carving," "Two Pedestal Boxes with Smokey Roses" and "The Clock Strikes Three."

Celee Evans Porcelain Videos: Mastering White Violets

Mastering White Violets

Learn how these most intriguing violets are partially painted on and partially wiped out of wet paint. Although this may be one of the first flowers you painted when learning china painting, this video is guaranteed to re-introduce you to them with great fondness and new improvements! Using five different color schemes, you’ll begin making “sassy” violets. . . violets “with an attitude” instead of dull, forgettable violets. Unusual colors are introduced as the colors reflected by your white violets. . . color combination like morning glory blue and pecan or the rich tones of Ruby Rose’. You’ll see how Celee’s violets receive their crispness from the use of penwork for the faces and strong wipeouts for contrast. The sharp angles often left off of “round” violets become the key to Celee's technique, along with subtly carved background shapes and stunning colors. So grab your silk and let’s paint beautiful violets!

Suggested companion studies: "White Violets on Oval Boxes" and "Collectibles #1."


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Celee Evans Porcelain Books: Gardens and Garlands

Gardens and Garlands by Celee Evans

104 pages (15 color pages).  With a grand array of 16 chapters on penwork pointillism, floral designs (roses, pansies, violets, wild roses, and many more), marbled florals and scenes.  On everything from boxes to vases and punch bowls.

Quantity discount on Gardens and Garlands: Contact Celee at celeebryce@sti.net.

Celee Evans Porcelain Books: Gardens and Garlands
This dark purple/blue pansy vase is just one of 15 excellent color pages.