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Palettier's Perfection

Like this little Valentine "Palettier" you'll fall in love with these paints -- with their smoothness, their blendability and even their names! So use them on your very next painted piece of porcelain and you'll understand why we call them Palettier's Perfection.



I may look coy
Even like a little saint
But don't try to tempt me with any other toy
Palettier's Perfection is my favorite china paint!

All paints bottled in one (1) dram glass vials with corks. 

Colors hold intensity through cone 014 and combine beautifully!
Please visit Studies to see many of these colors in floral and fruit designs!

Note: Due to differences in monitors and browsers, the color samples shown below might not be exact matches to the real paints. Refer to text for more precise descriptions.

$2.50 each

Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Apple Green

Apple Green   

Lovely, pure green which is similar to

a bright sea foam or mint.

Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Blood Red

Blood Red

Standard yellow red which I often use

for brightening centers of pink roses.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Charteuse


Brilliant color which is more green

than yellow; neon or lime green similar.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Mum Gold

Mum Gold

A dull chamois color with subtle

greenish cast; dull yellow with grey hint.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Tan


A strong, harvest gold color; appears

butterscotch with a darker tone of orange/brown.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Rich Brown

Rich Brown

Strong, very dark brown with no hint of red; like color of chocolate syrup.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Stem Green

Stem Green

Fairly dark avocado green; some shading

greens and brown greens are similar.


$3.00 each

Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Basic Black

Basic Black

Strong, deep pigment; not a weak

charcoal masquerading as black.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Black Green

Black Green

Rich, dark green which is more black and blue than charcoal; should be more green than black.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Christmas Green

Christmas Green

Pure kelly green; some brands of

moss or chrome green similar.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Pecan


Rich, dark butterscotch color; some brands of yellow brown #2 and desert sand are the same.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Luscious pastel version of Auburn with white added (tint); a very pale flesh color with a hint of peach; washes well with pinks.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Vanilla


A very delicate ivory with a hint of pink; great for backgrounds or tinting.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Violet of Iron

Violet of Iron

Middle of the road, original shade of burgundy without any orange or ruby hint; mixes with Ruby Rosť for tissuey pink roses.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Warm Grey

Warm Grey

A grey with a hint of brown warming it up.


$4.00 each

Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Cinnamon


Very unique color, similar to a generic violet of iron with a hint of red grape; when used in a pale application, it makes a beautiful pink.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Morning Glory Blue

Morning Glory Blue

Grey-blue, a few shades darker than

forget-me-not blue; great for violets

and mixing with pinks.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Orange Peel

Orange Peel

Identical to skin of orange; can be

mixed with other colors.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Spearmint


Celee's signature grey-green which never

looks drab; more green than grey; some

brands of celadon are similar.


$4.50 each

Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Auburn


Pinkish, flesh color; coral brown

with hint of reflected light.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Cool Shadow

Cool Shadow

A grey turquoise which is still brilliant; brighter than portrait brands of Cool Shadow; appears more turquoise than grey.


$5.00 each

Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest

A vibrant, true yellow that is ideal for
combining with other colors (or using alone)
for fruit and flowers.

 $6.00 each

Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Blue Violet

Blue Violet

Strong, deep color which is a definite blue; no hint of purple whatsoever; some brands of Nassau Blue similar; described as a midnight blue.


 $10.00 each 

Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Black Grape

Black Grape

Ideal combo of black and purple; perfect for poppy centers, pansies, grapes, etc.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Heliotrope


Smooth, standard lavender-pink; appears

pink wet but fires lavender!


 $12.00 each

Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Pure Pink

Pure Pink

Gold-based, very smooth color; appears lavender wet but fires a baby girl pink.


Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Red Grape

Red Grape

Violet of iron with a slight hint of red or orange; nice pink when pale.


 $34.00 each

Celee Evans Porcelain Paint: Ruby Rose'

Ruby Rosť

Extremely smooth, dark, gold-based ruby;

mix with Blue Violet for great purple!
Students rave about this one!


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