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Celee Evans Porcelain: Studies

Each study has excellent step-by-step instructions, line drawings, and one (or more) color page. Studies cover everything from florals and shadow work to fruits and penwork! Studies show designing on a wide range of pieces.

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The following study is NEW for 2013!!!
Each study includes excellent color and actual-size line drawings for tracing!

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Study: Carnations, Roses & Smilax Vines
Study: Carnations, Roses & Smilax Vines
Carnations, Roses & Smilax Vines
“Almost a Book”

A tall vase designed differently on each side. One side is dominated by rich carnations, vines and penwork; the other dominated by roses, foliage and buds. Background shadows and smilax vines seamlessly connect both sides!

Key Colors: Tan, Warm Grey, Ruby Rosé, Blue Violet, Cool Shadow, Pecan, Chartreuse, Rich Brown, Auburn, & Spearmint

Key Materials: Rich Brown “Drop a Detail” Pen Oil, Hunt #107 Pen Points, & Ready Carver Brush

16 pages, full page color photos of both sides plus 9 color photos


Parrot Tulips, Plums & Cherries Parrot Tulips, Plums, & Cherries
“Almost a Book”

A large bowl is encircled by white- fringed tulips, rich plums & beautiful cherries enhanced by lots of shadow shapes inside as well.

Key Colors: Cool Shadow, Warm Grey, Ruby Rosé, Blue Violet, Black Grape, Violet of Iron, & Auburn

Key Materials: Black Grape “Drop a Detail” Pen Oil, 35% “Godiva Gold” (optional), “Ready Carver” brush

18 pages, 11 5"x7" color photos


Plums, Snowballs Tankard

Plums, Snowballs & Dainty Bess Tankard
“Almost a Book”  

Dark plums intermixed with multi-colored Snowballs wind their way around the tankard and handle; a border with Dainty Bess & mother of pearl give the piece style & detail.

Key Colors: Pure Pink, Violet of Iron, Ruby Rosé, Cool Shadow, Pecan, Blue Violet, Black Green & Spearmint.

Key Materials: Black Grape “Drop a Detail” Pen Oil & Mother of Pearl

18 pages, 13 color photos, 5 full views of tankard


Parisian Vase Parisian Vase with Eiffel Tower & Postcard Memories of Paris
“Almost a Book”

Inspired by the Eiffel Tower shape of this vase, four scenes are shown on each side ranging from Daytime Eiffel Tower to Montmarte, Moulin Rouge & Nighttime Eiffel Tower. All sides are connected by personalized French postcards and vintage postmarks.

Key Colors: Tan, Warm Grey, Morning Glory Blue, Basic Black, Blue Violet, Blood Red, Rich Brown, Pecan, & Cool Shadow

Key Materials: Basic Black “Drop a Detail” Pen Oil

25 pages, 12 color photos, , many postcard designs & French messages



Venezia – Venice Canal Scene on 12” Square Tile
“Almost a Book”  

Traditional gondolas, gondoliers, quaint shops and terrace ristorantes set a romantic mood along the canals overlooked by awnings, chimneys, window boxes, and aged plaster.

Key Colors:  Tan, Pecan, Warm Grey, Basic Black, Blood Red, Rich Brown, Blue Violet & Violet of Iron

14 pages, fold-out front cover in color, 7 color photos, some full view


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