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Celee Evans Porcelain: Studies


Key Colors: Blood Red, Morning Glory Blue, Tan, Red Grape, Lemon Zest, Pecan, Violet of Iron, Ruby Rosé, Spearmint, Cool Shadow,  Black Green and Black Grape.

Bowl of Cherries & Agate Gold
“Almost a

Rich cherries ranging  from peach to deep burgundy red wind around the bowl’s interior; gold band weaves in and out of cherries as do the detailed penwork  and carved shadows.

Key Materials: 35% Fluxed Roman Gold, “Drop-a- Detail” Pen Oil in Rich Brown & Basic Black, Fiber Glass Burnishing Cloth and Celee’s Agate Etcher tool.

17 Pages /  9  color photos/ 2  black & white photos


Key Colors: Orange Peel, Blood Red, Tan, Blue Violet, Ruby Rosé,  Morning Glory Blue, Cool Shadow and Black Green.

Peaches & Berries with Agate Gold
(on square Pedestal Cake Plate)
 “Almost a Book”

Rich fruits tumble across an agate etched gold oval with a detailed penwork scene; wonderful carved leaves, stems and berries complete the piece; includes detailed pedestal in color.

Key Materials:  Same as above in Cherries Study.

17 pages/ 7 color photos/ 9 black & white photos



Pastoral  “Lambscape” on Rococo Clock
“Almost a Book”

A grand chateau shown from 4 views focusing on reclining sheep,  stone walls, formal windows and distant water scene with hills and a bridge; ‘namel and penwork accents.

Key Colors:  Warm Gray, Tan, Basic Black, Strawberry Blonde, Chartreuse, Rich Brown, Auburn, Cool Shadow,  Spearmint  & Chartreuse.   

15 Pages/ 4 full color pages & 2 photos on all 4 sides.



Key Colors: Heliotrope, Pure Pink, Pecan, Lemon Zest, Ruby Rosé, Blue Violet, Morning Glory Blue, Christmas Green and “Drop a Detail” Pen Oil for darkest flower.

Morning Glories with Lilacs
(on an 11” vase)

Four morning glories from top to bottom in varied color range; lilacs cascade above and below in multi-colors deepened with washes and ‘namelled petals!

8 pages/ 1 8”X 10” color page.


Key Colors:  Black Grape, Ruby Rosé, Pure Pink, Blue Violet, Cool Shadow, Pecan, Black Green, Spearmint, Morning Glory Blue, Chartreuse, Tan, Celee ‘Namel, “Drop A Detail” Pen Oil for darkest flower, and your choice of liquid bright gold or Roman Gold.

Multi-Colored Peonies
(15 ˝ tray)
“Almost a Book”

White, pink & deep purple peonies wind all over this old-fashioned tray, weaving in and out of Celee’s signature carved shadows and ‘nameling. Final touches of mother of pearl, ‘namel beading gold, and a buttery all-over tint complete the piece.  Study includes a bonus step-by-step design on a  smaller 10” oval, showing most important  steps in sequence.  A gorgeous , detailed piece!

16 pages/6 color photos including one 8” x 10” front cover (as shown).